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Our partners


We list here our business and strategic partners


BF Engineering


BF Engineering has since 1990 been designing, manufacturing and marketing intelligent solutions for the transport and mobile communication sector.
Its experience and expertise lie in the integration of telecommunication technologies and Internet
software, a service provided to people intent on making their company more profitable.

BF Engineering has flawless mastery of the following technologies:
• GSM/GPRS (Global Packet Radio Services) networks
• GPS satellite location
• Digital cartography
• IT terminals
• Internet platforms and servers

These technologies are put in the service of our clients to enable them to capitalise on their investment immediately and without specific training.

Other partners

• MovadoMarine, hassle-free yacht multi-property specialist

• Euro Azur Yachting, the well-known yacht broker on the french riviera

• CREUSAT-DOT-NET, the information systems specialist







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