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Welcome to MovadoSolutions, the provider of reliable solutions for surveillance and tracking of yachts, vehicules ans people by satellite

general presentation of the tracking solutions

Surveillance & tracking of yachts

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In order to track the route of yachts, in case of charter or theft, getting more and more frequent, we offer an efficient "Surveillance & Tracking" solutions, based on GPS positioning and ad-hoc transmission system to the shore, such as the SecurySatYacht system (GSM/GPRS), the AX Tracker system (Globalstar satellite) and the Blue Traker 2200 system (GSM/GPRS & Iridium satellite). Those systems permanently look after your property and alert you should an alarm occur on board (theft tentative, fire or water ingress, motor breakdown, accident...), it is then essential to receive such a alarm in real time on your phone or email & localize your boat in a very short time in order to allow a faster and more efficient reaction. MovadoSolutions, through the products and services it offers, implements that mission statement: introduce as much serenity as possible in your life of yacht owner.

Localisation and tracking of your fleet of cars

NS 100 Personal Tracker

After installed in a vehicle, the GP2001 beacon or the NS100 personal tracker captures, and transmits to the system server via the GSM/GPRS networks, such data as its position (down to the street address), speed, direction, vehicle status (stop, drive,...) and a number of other data (digital and analog). Thosedata are stored in our secure servers, processed and consulted in real time and may be retreived within a 3 month log book from any PC having an Internet connection & navigator, using a confidential username and password




Solutions for Rally Cars



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