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The company


MovadoSolutions is a limited company, registered in Nice, France.


Vision and Mission

More about us

Our aim is to become the best-in-breed provider in surveillance and tracking solutions for the marine segment, known for our service quality and our competencies, while building condidence with our customers and suppliers.

Our mission is to propose high-quality solutions and best services to gain confidence from our customers and suppliers, but also from investors and personnel.

Jérôme Durif,
Directeur commercial et gérant

Value Proposition


We follow thestrongest norms in ethic and governance

We aim to become the best in all activities by motivating and training our personnel, by investing in innovation, and by providing high-end solutions.

We work for the benefit of our customers and we team up with them to provide them with genuine solutions that fit their needs.



En Français Home Marine Solutions Land Solutions Company Partners Contact us